Brichele Candles is no ordinary candle company! Owned by Brian Stinnett and Michele Thomas, Brichele Candles has been around since July 2017 and they have been on a mission to develop the best candle in the market. Brian and Michele did not want just an ordinary candle. They wanted a candle that was healthy and used the best materials they could find! Brian and Michele's relentlessness approach for testing and researching materials has helped them develop the best all-natural candles on the market. Brian and Michele wanted candles that would please candle lovers with beautiful jars, great scents, but also with peace of mind knowing that their customers were not inhaling toxins and chemicals, while burning their candles. Brian stated, "All the credit goes to Michele in the continued development of our candles and products. She is constantly tweaking and studying ways to make our candles the best. Her passion for candles is second to none. She's not going to stop until Brichele Candles is at the top in the all-natural candle industry". Michele says "Brian has been great in our packaging and researching various materials. His support and his desire to make a candle that we can be proud of motivates me every day. What makes our candles truly unique was when we decided to change over from a 100% soy wax to a premium 90% coconut and 10% soy wax. Our candles immediately improved. The hot and cold throw improved with a smoother burn and more consistent scent release. We feel like we have finally gotten the perfect candle. Our new candles will be available in a 14-ounce and 8-ounce frosted jar with a beautiful coco colored, real wood lid. We are so happy with it and we know our customers will be happy as well."